update on how saddie is doing
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Thread: update on how saddie is doing

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    update on how saddie is doing

    well she is doing wonderfully in my opinion... she is not nipping at the children so much when wanting to play... she sits without me telling her to before going out... she took her first short walk today and for a first i dont think she did to bad.. ofcourse i did let her wonder a bit more than i should of as i wanted to see what she was going to do...since i was just 2 houses down the block and back... i figured that way i would know what i needed to start working with her more on...

    also... when playing fetch she will bring the toy to me...chew on it for a min and without me saying a word just drop it and step back and sit and wait for me to throw it... i was sooo pleased.. im not sure if letting her drop it on her own is a good thing, but she only chews on it for a min then drops it. plus i look at letting her chew on it for a min as kinda a reward for going and getting it and bringing it bk... but i was just soooooo pleased that i never had to say a word to her....

    still have a few things to work on but for a 5 month old... she is going potty outside (letting me know when she needs out) she will sit, laydown, shake, twirl, roll over and in the process of learning crawl... still working on stay but she is doing really well with it... i think her problem is... no matter where i go in the house there is always some sort of distraction and she is easily distracted and very excitable all the time.... but hey work in progress and in my book any good progress is great... i am soooo proud of her!
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    Sounds like the training is coming along well. My puppy book says to let the doggy chew on the toy when they bring it back and when they drop it themselves to use a command word so they start to associate the action with the word, so eventually they will drop it on command. We're not there yet with Coco.... Are you going to take Saddie to puppy classes? They are a good way to reinforce the training you're doing at home (presuming you choose one that has the same training ethos as you!) and they offer a chance for socialisation.

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    Sounds like Sadie has a good owner. For excitability, check the sticky in the dog training forum titled "Rev Up/Cool Down."

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