Those of you who are professional dog trainers
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Thread: Those of you who are professional dog trainers

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    Those of you who are professional dog trainers

    In a nutshell, I have been working very hard toward becoming a trainer and over the last few months I've been putting in the time to observe, shadow, co-teach, and learn from trainers and behaviorists around me. I am currently in a position where I teach my own, though I am just starting out and it is a minute fraction of my income. But opportunities have arisen for me to pursue this further, to the degree where I will be paid to attend conferences and get certifications to continue my education... Basically, become a dog trainer.

    I know we have a number of professional dog trainers on this forum and I was wondering what your most rewarding and most challenging experiences have been. Any advice for someone just starting out?
    And I mean purely the dog training/customer interface aspect. I am not asking about starting or running my own training business, or aspects such as insurance and space.

    (Also yes, I know that training for basic obedience is different from tricks is different from schutzhund, etc. etc...)
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    Re: Those of you who are professional dog trainers

    For me the most rewarding (so far, I started my career not too long ago) was seeing a man walk into the store I train out of yanking his huge pittys and basically telling them to sit over and over and if the dog didn't sit he would smack it. I noticed a dog was afraid and mentioned it and he said she was just being difficult and a diva. Shortly after, the wife came in and I told her I'm starting a new session next month. She signed up right away. Their session hasnt started yet, but it was that easy to begin to forge a path of change for them and the dog. You have the knowledge and power to change and save lives. It is so important

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