Cat treats as training treats?
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Thread: Cat treats as training treats?

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    Cat treats as training treats?

    greenies had a coupon for cat treats that ended up being $1.35. I was gonna give them to a friend, but turns out bubba LOVES them. In my super scientific blind taste test, he preferred them over the little squishy liver training treats I usually buy.

    I dont treat very often but these ones are awesome because they dont crumble AND they're super tiny so not many cals.

    I got the "Greenies Feline SMARTBITES Skin & Fur Chicken."

    Is there some reason why people dont usually do this? ive used a ton of different training treats and these are definitely my new fav for when you get down to very infrequent treating.

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    Re: Cat treats as training treats?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but it might be expensive if you used a lot of them.

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    Re: Cat treats as training treats?

    I use cat food as training treats, so, unless there's something wrong with that brand, then I don't see why it could hurt.

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    Re: Cat treats as training treats?

    I recently asked this question in the Dog Food subforum. Hehe. General understanding seems to be that they're fine.

    Gypsy loves cat treats! And I, like you, love that they're tiny and perfect for training.

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