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    Nervous Bladder

    I have a little chi mix and he has a nervous bladder. He pees when I come home or new people come over. I have tried ignoring him to let him calm down and that is working well. When we are home he stays mostly in my room out of consideration for my roommates and whenever I leave for just a minute (get something out of the kitchen, go to the restroom etc.) he pees a little right by the door. I don't punish him for this behavior, I know it's something he can't help, but will he out grow this? or is there something I can do about it?

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    Re: Nervous Bladder

    Lots of puppies have the same problem and grow out of it. You're doing the right thing to ignore him and let him calm down when you come home. I did the same thing, but, I also took our puppy straight outside to pee the minute I got home, saying "go potty" but nothing else until he peed, and calmed down. I actually just walked straight through from the front door to the back door, not even stopping to set my purse down!
    When new people come over, you can try having your puppy meet them outside. So, take your puppy out to meet the new people as they are arriving. But, tell your guests to ignore the puppy, don't look at him or talk to him until he calms down. Then, you can all go inside together.

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