Goldendoodle Pup -- APRI MOM??
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Thread: Goldendoodle Pup -- APRI MOM??

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    Re: Goldendoodle Pup -- APRI MOM??

    Quote Originally Posted by anndi39 View Post
    But alas, Im tired...its just me against the majority and I am ready to bow out and find somewhere that people can accept anyone regardless of their doggy choice..... somewhere where people are able to look at your dog and say wow, he does sounds like a cool dog. Enjoy him!
    good luck on that....i have been on MANY different dog forums and you get the same thing everywhere you go....some are cool about things others are far i have found this site to be the most "accepting" of others than the 10 or so others i check out.....and i don't own a "designer" breed.....

    when it comes time for the designer dogs, i really have no issues in it other than the price these people charge and that people out there are "suckered in to believing they have a one in a million, special "breed and will pay an astronomical amount of money for it....a gal i know just sold a litter of 9 Puggles at $550 a pup....her "reasoning" behind it?...b/c people will pay it, and this way she can get her 3 dogs fixed.....and, she claims she didn't need to have any health checks done as they are mixes (puggle-puggle breeding)....say, what?, go to the HS and rescue one from there for alot less.....

    but, as long as the people will pay it, the idiot breeders will breed/charge it......

    and i'm not attacking anyone here, just making a statement....
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    Re: Goldendoodle Pup -- APRI MOM??

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowshoe View Post
    I didn't realize that they forbid the production of hybrids. I didn't realize that the AKC had rules against it.
    Grrr... pet peeve: They are NOT hybrids. A hybrid is a cross between two different species (i.e., donkey + horse = mule). These dogs are simply mixed breeds. "Hybrid" is simply another term to get people to think they're buying something special.

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