Obsessed with his "male member"
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Thread: Obsessed with his "male member"

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    Red face Obsessed with his "male member"

    Hello! This is not a joke--my just over 3 month old puppy is constantly "checking out" his penis when he plays with other dogs/puppies. Is this normal? My obedience teacher laughed and said "yes, it's still there" about 5 times during our short play time the other day, and now I'm noticing that he spends a lot of time down there. The area is clean and nothing out of the ordinary, but the "red head" comes out when he plays, and I wanted to know if it's normal that he doesn't leave it alone and would rather lick himself than play with other puppies, if it will get better after he's neutered, or what else. Thanks much!

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    Re: Obsessed with his "male member"

    Penis crowning is a sign of stress or arousal and Urogenital "check outs" are a sign of stress or displacement behavior - something done to keep busy in uncomfortable situations. In excitable or stressful situations this is normal behavior. Neutering is unlikely to have any effect.

    Natalie, CGC, TDI

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