12 week shih tzu puppy on board! YIKES!
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Thread: 12 week shih tzu puppy on board! YIKES!

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    Smile 12 week shih tzu puppy on board! YIKES!


    Is breaking hearts where ever I take him, he is incredibly cute, as all shih tzus tend to be.
    Its very much like having a baby and a lot of it is tough love as I'm really trying to avoid him being a yappy, snappy dog and suffer from small dog syndrome.

    I've started clicker training, use NILIF and am trying my best to have some form of order in his sleep, walk and eat cycle.

    He is very needy as a pup and he's also very clever!

    I just thought I'd post a few useful links that have scared the life out of me and helped me understand bringing up a puppy.

    It's been a pleasure reading through this forum and I'm sending courage and strength to all new puppy owners. We'll get thru it!


    Raising a puppy week by week


    UK version of Ceaser Millan - I can't over some of these owners!


    Clicker Training - she's wonderful trainer

    My puppy digby, does bite hard and we've used "ouch", but I'm getting hm used to hands! So when he's knawing at his nylabone, I pick him up and play with it and he manages to differentiate human skin. So far its working.

    He's a little napolean really but NILIF is getting him grounded.

    It's only been a week, so early days.

    Must go and cook - as I have some spare time now and he's got visitors today - kids...hmmm.


    Thanks for reading and enjoy the links.

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    Re: 12 week shih tzu puppy on board! YIKES!

    Quote Originally Posted by outerhebridies View Post
    We'll get thru it!
    Yes you will! You're already a full lap ahead of the rest of the pack. Training a puppy is all about doing it every day.

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    Re: 12 week shih tzu puppy on board! YIKES!

    thanks so much! Its nice getting a thumbs up every now and then. Its difficult and I know one way sometimes doesn't suit all at times, as these little creature are so full of personaility - tough love is tough (my neighbours won't be impressed by the barking for attention ignoring technique!!)

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