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    Soft Stools

    We've had our puppy for one week today..ever since we had him he was having soft stools/diarrhea. On Wed. we found out he has Giardia. He's been on meds since Wed. Friday and this morning his stools were looking great..tonight he began having soft stools again. Tomorrow is supposed to be his last day of meds. Why do you think his stool is soft again??? Could it be that he needs another round of meds? I changed his food slowly to blue buffalo and he is now on only blue buffalo b/c we ran out of the food the breeder was feeding him. Can this be the reason? He's been eating only blue buffalo since Thursday. Thank you so much for your help!

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    Re: Soft Stools

    I would say it's probably the food. Even after slowly changing over, sometimes they can go through a few days of softer stools. Try mixing in a little plain yogurt to see if it helps. Either that or maybe a spoonful of plain pumpkin. Might also check with the vet to see of the pup might need to stay on meds.
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    Re: Soft Stools

    sometimes it takes a little longer for the stools to become normal when they have giardia also the food might be to rich for him mix some rice in it
    that might help and call the vet and let him know

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