Need advice with puppy and cats
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Thread: Need advice with puppy and cats

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    Need advice with puppy and cats

    My 6 month old Maltipoo always chases my two cats whenever they are together. I’ve been very careful to only have them unseparated when I’m able to supervise. There is no hissing on the part of the cats, no aggression at all and no growling from the puppy. Seems like she just wants to play with them but when they start running she chases them and/or tries to bite. Of course then the cats will swipe at her with their claws. So far no injuries....but I’d really like to be able to have the 3 of them able to roam the house freely. Maltipoo puppy (Roxie) is very hyper all the time, when I take her for walks, if a guest comes in etc. my vet said this may or may not calm down. I just had her spayed, the one cat is neutered but the little one is too young yet. Any advice to speed this process up, other than my letting Roxie out of her pen a couple of times a day which is what I’ve been doing for weeks now but see no lessening of the chasing. Roxie does know “leave it” but only stops for a few seconds and I give her a treat but then goes right back to same behavior. The cats have high places they can jump to get away, but Ive also seem some stress issues with the cats (going outside of litter box). I also use the Feliway cat diffusers and Roxie wears an Adaptil calming collar. At a loss here.

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    Re: Need advice with puppy and cats

    Training in dog vs cat scenarios must go both ways. Your end goal is going to have to be teaching the cat not to scurry (aka teasing the dog / making the dog believe they're also playing)
    and 2. teaching the dog not to chase. Both will go hand in hand. Your best bet is teaching the first, or at minimum starting a foundation of the first prior to starting 2nd phase.

    Step one would be leaving the dog in the crate while the cats are in the room. The longer the better. This will be effective / complete when your cats begin to start relaxing, sleeping, eating in the same room as the dog.

    Once that is complete then bringing the dog out (leaving him on leash). Whether tethered to you or the couch. There will need to be a cause and effect with the dog. So essentially teaching him when he does not chase, he can stay in the room with the family (cats included). - this is his reward... Cause and effect if he tries to chase, he goes into a different room by himself (this is his punishment). He will learn very quickly that he wants to not chase because he wants to be part of the fun and apart of the family.
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    Re: Need advice with puppy and cats

    Be aware that with running and chasing prey drive can kick in and you can end up with a dead cat and a scratched dog.

    Chasing should not be allowed. Ever. Period. It will someday not be a game.
    As noted above, tethering. Redirect. If the cat is too fascinating, a well timed and appropriately deliveredcorrection can be your friend (and the cat's friend).

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