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    Re-crate training help...

    This is going to be long, I apologize in advance but I want to give a thorough background/history of her and what I have tried.

    I 'rescued' a 3 year old Jack-Rat near the end of April. The previous owner said she was crate trained, leash trained, does not potty in the house...long story short she LIED about just about everything. Upon being so completely frustrated that I was going to giver her back, my mother called and confronted the previous owners with some of her problems that had "mysteriously" popped up when we brought her home.

    They proceeded to tell my mother that basically she had no rules or boundaries, period while living with them! She whined she got left out of the crate, she threw a fit/cried/made a mess when someone left she got to go next time. They confessed that her problems had gotten so bad that they kept her sedated part of the time and thought of getting her euthanized her twice! But, they apologized and said if I really wanted to give her up they would take her back and euthanize her as they did not want to deal with her anymore either. Obviously I could not let that happen so it has become my mission in life to "fix" her problems and make her a respectable dog.

    When we brought her home (my parents) we kept her in a appropriately sized pet taxi with a crate mat. She proceed to chew a softball sized hole in the side of the crate and she ripped the mat to shreds and tore her nose and paw pads up from digging at the cage and barked until she was hoarse. So we upgraded her to a wire crate with a plastic pan. She proceed to try and chew her way out (including the pan) for a few days and once she realized she couldn't get out she quite.

    Then in June I moved her into my house at collage, and everything started all over again, escalating to an even higher degree of SA and tearing anything that she could move her cage close enough to get a hold of, towels, door mats, plastic bags... I continued working with her treating her, feeding her, making the crate a "happy" place to be. All to no avail, she won't touch the her kong in the crate, she shoves chew toys out the sides, and generally just hates every second that she is in there. *During the whole time working on desensitizing her to me leaving coming home.*

    I finally gave up and tried to leave her loose in the kitchen with a pet gate. She is doing better with the SA, she is calm when I leave, she just lays in her bed and watches me leave. She is also getting better with arrivals, not great, but better. I take her out to potty as soon as I get home and then ignore her until she is calm and quiet.

    The problem now is she climbs on the counters to see when I come back, I partially solved this problem by giving her a shelf near the door and by a window she can see out and putting spiky mats all over the counters (which she seems to be getting used to/ignoring). Also, she eliminates all over the kitchen about 40-50% of the times I leave. Not always in a pattern with the amount of time I have been gone/what time I leave/if I'm going to work or just leaving to go shopping. I'm at the end of my leash (literally) at what I can do to eradicate these behaviors. She is currently on a supplement to help with anxiety and depression and I have an herbal mist that is also suppose to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. Hopefully with more time (she has been on them for two days). She has been to the vet and there are no physical problems that would keep her from being able to hold it while I'm gone and overall she is healthy.

    I want to get her into a basic training class sometime this fall but that is all pending on her spay and shots which for a few reasons I had to wait to get completed. I'm looking at about mid-August/early September to get this all done. that was longer than I thought it would be...can anyone give me suggestions?

    I posted this in the wrong section could a mod please move it to the training board?
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