I got myself a rumanian street dog
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Thread: I got myself a rumanian street dog

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    I got myself a rumanian street dog

    Well, It all started a few months ago. I was watching Animal Planet and I saw that commersial where they show short clips of dogs with a little text "abandoned" "abused" "neglected" So I decided to get myself one of them less fortunate dogs. So I bought a Rumanian street dog from www.daisyhope.se (Swedish site). Anyways, the dog is really sweet, he never barks and he never barks at other dogs or anything like that. He's also really shy. He's been beaten pretty badly at his old home (Noaks Arc) so every time I pet him he starts breathing heavily and gets pretty scared. He's also lying in the sofa 24/7 except when he's beeing fed or when were going outside. He allways looks really sad. What should I do? Will this pass? I've only had him a few days now

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    Re: I got myself a rumanian street dog

    That is wonderful! Dogs don't like being petted unless they have been handled from a young age. Your pup may not have been abused at all, I don't think street dogs get a lot of petting as puppies.

    Try hand feeding and every time he comes to take a bite praise him. Choose a phrase or word and use it most of the time. If he will not eat from your hand then try tossing him kibble gently using your praise word when he approaches the food. Hand feeding is a great way to bond with a new dog, much better than petting if he doesn't like to be petted!

    Give it time, it takes several months for new dogs and owners to figure each other out and become comfortable together.

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