potty training and feedings
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Thread: potty training and feedings

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    potty training and feedings

    I have a 7 week old mastiff black lab X He is doing very well with housetraining,Doesnt go in his crate anymore.We take him out to piddle and poo about 6-10x a day( he is crated at night) and feed him 3.5 cups of puppy food a day,My question is... is that ok am i doing it right?we have always had older dogs that are already trained and such.

    Ohh and when he eats he eays like he has never eaten before is that normal or should i give him a bit more in the day?

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    Re: potty training and feedings

    Sounds like you are doing this perfectly.

    And him wanting more food is not neccesarily a sign that you are not feeding him enough
    Dogs are like that !

    It is possible to overfeed a pup - you should stick to the recomended amount for his age and weight. That said, I always found that that recomended amount on comercial dog foods is way too much.

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    Re: potty training and feedings

    Since everything I have read about Giant dog breeds say not to feed them regular puppy food I would worry a little about growth problems. Why don't you swich to a adult food lower in fat and protein if your not able to get the giant breed food? My Mastiff/Border Collie (11 weeks) always seems hungry. It does make clicker training easier. I think he would eat a whole bag if he could. I still limit him to 1 cup three times a day plus training treats. His food is much more nutrient dense than normal puppy food. He does go poop after every meal. Have only a few acidents in the house. I still crate him when we sleep or when the baby is sleeping. He does not mind the crate at all. Never cries when you put him in it. Not sure if he was crated before I got him but he seems like it is natural for him.

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