Puppy meal question
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    Puppy meal question

    Question about feeding puppies:
    We're currently feeding our 14 week old puppy 1/2 c of dry food a day: 1/4 in the morning and 1/4 at night. When he went for his 3mo check up, the vet said that was perfect, but our little guy always seems so hungry - he CHOMPS down his food in less than 5 min.

    We are supplementing his diet right now with quite a few liver treats (each time he potties outside), so I know he's getting extra calories from there, but how do we know when to increase his serving size?


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    Re: Puppy meal question

    Quote Originally Posted by Diana5241 View Post
    how do we know when to increase his serving size?
    By age and weight and your vet can guide you on that. Given the choice of staving or obese you want to fall on the starving side of the line especially with puppies when extra calories just means more fat cell production.

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    Re: Puppy meal question

    My dog food (Blue Large Breed Puppy) says to feed my puppy 3 times a day until he is 6 months old. A few sites I have read says to feed 4 times a day. I guess it depends on what your feeding. Right now I am feeding on the low end of the scale or range that they list on the bag because I don't want him growing to fast. He gained 4 pounds in less than one week. I am giving him carrots to chew on. Left on his own I am sure he would try to eat the whole bag of food.

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