Seeing double!!
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Thread: Seeing double!!

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    Seeing double!!

    Strange customers came in today. They carried their dogs the entire time and then complained about how heavy they were. I explained to them what a leash was. They said the dogs don't walk on leashes... But anyway...

    One of the dogs was a mix doxish/minpinish and the other a PB Boston terrier, i have two questions..

    Both dogs were full grown by obviously young. They were very lethargic and didn't seem quite there. Im assuming they were ill.... I take my dog to work with me. She is fully vacinated, what issues would cause a young dog to just lay there and is it transferable to a UTD dog?

    Other question, the boston terrier was crossed eyed. I mean really cross eyed. One looking at you, one around the corner. Im assuming this is some sort of birth defect or product of poor breeding?

    Either way i felt bad for the poor things, I know a boston terrier is not just suposed to lay in som'ones arms all pathetic like that...

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    Re: Seeing double!!

    Maybe they were that way just because they never are allowed to run around and explore?

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    Re: Seeing double!!

    That's sad to hear, I can't stand hearing people say their dogs don't walk on leashes or don't like it. The people just don't want to put in the time to train them how, dogs aren't meant to be carried everywhere. The cross eyed dog sounds like a birth defect which could sometimes come from inbreeding but im not sure if inbreeding is popular in bull terriers.

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