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    Dog with Single Master

    My wife and I adopted an 8 yo Sheltie after her owner died. The deceased owner was a woman and she had the dog for the entire 8 years. The dog is wonderful. However, the dog only follows my wife around. The dog will not go for walks alone with me (male). If my wife and I are in close proximity the dog will take a position half way between us. If my wife moves too far away (goes to another room) the dog follows my wife.

    Question: Is there a reasonable way to get the dog to follow me (male) around instead of the dog being up my wife's butt so to speak all day long?

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    My thoughts are that you need to be consistent with role as co-pack-leader. That means participating as much or if not more in mentally, physically, and socially stimulating the dog. Getter her to listen to you equally will not happen over night. There's no quick fix for that unless you plan on tying her to your waist with a leash. Furthermore, how you interact with the dog must be on the same level as your wife. If your wife gives more than you do, I'm sure this will delay any "coming around" or "warming up" to you. So, if she doesn't want to walk with you, make her walk with you. If you give in to what the dog wants, you'll never have her accept you as her leader. So before you have any interaction with the dog, picture in your mind how you want it to go, and use that energy in working with the dog. A part of dog training is simply knowing exactly what you want the outcome to be and not giving in, and being consistent. If the dog whines when walking her alone, ignore her. If she pulls back when walking her alone, keep the leash short enough to be slack, but always keep moving forward. If you need to, start running...maybe this movement is better for her when starting a walk. And believe me, if she resists, it will get worse before it gets keep that in mind, but keep moving forward. Good luck!

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