Can't update email address
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Thread: Can't update email address

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    Can't update email address

    Hi. I'd like to change the email address associated with my account, but nothing happens when I try to update it on the settings page. I have entered my current password and put in my new email address (twice), but nothing happens when I click the button at the bottom of the page.

    I tried in Chrome (latest), Internet Explorer and Opera (42.0).

    Sorry if there is info about this somewhere - I couldn't find anything. Is there anything I can do?

    I still have access to the email account that is there now, but am trying to close it in the near future. Thanks!

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    Re: Can't update email address

    Sorry, it's a bug in the site software. Issue is on our end.

    What you need to do this yourself is to enter your current email into all available fields for passwords. So that's once at the top, and then enter it again in the password change fields. To clarify, not a new password, your current one is sufficient. Then the save button will be active.

    If that doesn't work, PM to the new email and I'll do the change manually


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