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    Ringing bell

    Our 9month old Shih Tzu knew how to ring the bell to go outside. Suddenly, he is now scared of the bell. He backs away from it. I started basic training with the bell by taking it to the ground and letting him sniff it. Why the sudden fear of it? Normally, he will ring it or bark at the door to go out.

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    Re: Ringing bell

    Is it possible that someone else in the home got fed up with the bell noise and teased the pup with it?

    Or maybe this new fear is part of the "normal" puppy fear period. It seems that pups have several stages in their life where they become fearful of their surroundings. Here's an article I found online:

    I know the time frames are approximate, but when I look at the list it makes me think that there are more scary months that not scary times. Here are a couple more articles on the subject:

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    Re: Ringing bell

    that is what I thought.
    I started retraining him again and slightly touches it now but is still scared of it.

    thank you for the articles. Will read them.

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