How do I stop begging to go outside? or is it water play obession?
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Thread: How do I stop begging to go outside? or is it water play obession?

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    How do I stop begging to go outside? or is it water play obession?

    For a while, Missy was fine going in and out to pee, or to play when I decided. Then, it started raining. And she LOVES the rain. Now every time we go out, even if its not raining but just dewy outside, she will not stop begging to go out - and she starts using her frantic, i have to pee right now or im going to pee the floor bark / whine / shuffle, i I never know when she just wants out or wants to pee. She'll immediately start barking when we come inside from the rain, somewhat obsessing over the door, at first it was small yaps but it's becoming as loud as she can bark with her head thrown back and she wont give it up. she will do it ALL DAY if she went outside and it was raining or wet at all. I KNOW she doesnt need to pee and I dont want to reinforce LET ME OUT WHEN I WANT OUT. But ignoring isn't working.

    We go outside plenty. Even when it's raining I will walk her around because she enjoys it so much. We go out on longlines, etc. If it's a really dry day, she doesn't demand to go outside like this.

    She has access to as much water as she wants. Sometimes, she digs in her water bowl. She does not drink an abnormal amount. She knows water comes from the bathtub - if she sees you going in there she runs after you then jumps on the side of the tub and barks at the faucet. She also know water comes from the sink and jumps against the cabinetry to bark at that faucet. I try to ignore all of this behavior. I sometimes have to pick her water up because she will NOT stop digging in it. I have gotten her a kiddy pool to play in also, but it doesn't matter how much I let her play in water, she demands more. The water bowl thing didn't bother me much but this frantic barking to go outside and drink / lick / smell the rain water is getting very bad. She will sometimes get SO frustrated that she can't go out that she will start humping her pillow, which I believe is a stress sign in a female puppy.

    13.5 weeks old. What can I do? I've tried giving her her bully stick as a distraction, a frozen kong, playing with her or having a training session and she'll break away from all of those nearly every minute to go bark at the door.

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    Re: How do I stop begging to go outside? or is it water play obession?

    I think almost all puppies go through this stage where they realize they do something that makes the door open and they want to go out and play.

    The solution is one of two things:
    You potty her on a schedule, so her 'asking' doesn't get her out
    You take her out every time she asks, on leash, don't let her play and if she doesn't pee she gets picked up, brought back inside and crated. Just like those early potty training days when you didn't know if they needed to go o not, but took them and they didn't go.
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    Re: How do I stop begging to go outside? or is it water play obession?

    ^^Yup, that's what I had to do for Ralphie. I couldn't pick him up, but same idea. I mean, dog, I was outside with you for 2 HOURS and I brought out all your toys and tried to play with you but you just wanted to stare at grass tufts! You peed and pooed twice, you do not need to go out and I need to eat!

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    Re: How do I stop begging to go outside? or is it water play obession?

    Water play is a reward for retrievers, and some like to be soaked to the bone!

    I bought a cheap plastic kiddie pool for my dog (not an inflatable that he could pop, but a $10 plastic one), and let him play and dig all he wanted.
    I let him drink from the faucet and from the hose, and I would toss a handful of water to him to 'catch'.

    Eventually, I got to the point where I could chase him around the yard with the water hose ... like a reverse laser pointer, to tire him out in the summer.

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