Need help with leash pulling
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Thread: Need help with leash pulling

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    Need help with leash pulling

    Hey all I have a 3 year old husky rottweiler mix. When I first got him we always used to go on walks. As he got older he began to pull more and I was getting very frustrated so I did what I should never have done and started walking him less and less. Over the past years he started gaining more weight than he should have. I rarely walk him now (maybe twice a week. I know i'm a bad owner. Trying to correct myself right now). Now he pulls every time we go for a walk and recently I've been trying to correct him but it just doesn't seem to be working for me. It also rains a lot here in Washington. This just discourages me from walking him but I really want to be able to go on walks with him.

    What I've been doing is every time he starts to pull or get ahead of me, I turn around. Usually he'll follow by my side for 10-15 seconds and watch me but then he eventually continues to run ahead and pull. He pulls enough to choke himself out but he does it anyway. If I turn back to the original direction we were going, he'll also pull. If I have to do it enough times, he'll just sit there and resist me until we go the direction he wants or until I force him (which I feel is bad for his neck). I know this is mostly due to excess energy because when he gets tired he walks by my side 99% of the time. He's very hard to tire out though. Do I keep doing this or is there a better method? Also, I know I should never do what he wants but it just gets so frustrating sometimes.

    Also, he currently sleeps outside which I KNOW is bad but my parents won't let him sleep inside. They're scared that he'll chew everything, his hair will get everywhere, and he'll go potty inside. I let him inside often and all he does is hang around us and lay there. The only thing he chews on are our shoes and that's a rare occasion. The hair problem is just a matter of vacuuming daily. As far as potty time goes, he will wait by the screen/glass door and wait there until someone opens it to go to the bathroom outside. I did not teach him this, he just started doing it by himself so I'm not sure if I should do anything about it. I'm trying to get him to sleep in the garage. That way he'll be safe and dry and can spend more time with us. I just need help making sure that he won't chew on anything while we're sleeping or run away when someone opens the garage door to go somewhere. He also likes to dig through garbage for food which I can solve by not putting food in the open ones. I'm home almost all day except for an hour or two so I can watch him a lot if that helps.


    Need help with leash pulling. Doing a 180 degree turn whenever he pulls but he still does it. He is also sleeping outside right now and i'm trying to move him into the garage. Need help making sure he doesn't chew while we aren't there and that he doesn't run away when we open the garage door. Might need some help with potty time too.

    Thanks in advance! I know I'm a bad owner but that's what I'm here for.

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    Re: Need help with leash pulling

    For the pulling, look up "penalty yards" and "silky leash" and make sure you're letting him know where you want him to be. When he's walking next to you, reinforce him!

    Usually he'll follow by my side for 10-15 seconds and watch me but then he eventually continues to run ahead and pull.
    That bolded part - that's when you should be offering high value treats: chicken, cheese, brisket! It will take time as he 1) has learned to pull, 2) has pent up energy, and 3) doesn't really know what you want. If you're able to let him run and burn some energy before you walk, that would help.

    Depending on what your garage is like, I'd be worried about a (possibly bored) dog staying there unsupervised. Many garages are used to store substances that could be harmful if he decided to chew/eat.

    For training him to have good house manners, he needs to be in the house. He probably won't be perfect at first, but he's old enough to be past the puppy chewy stage and should be able to go out to eliminate on a reasonable schedule. If he's chewing shoes, put them out of his reach. For shedding, he's part husky - it's what they were bred to do But, decent food and regular brushing should reduce the fur and regular vacuuming will clean it up. It does sound as though he's pretty good and would do well staying inside if you can convince your parents.

    For running away and raiding the garbage, those might be difficult challenges. My understanding is that given the opportunity, huskies will run and run and run. Many dogs can and will defeat the even most dog-proof storage system/garbage container to get the reward. Again, it would be safer to have him in the house. That said, it might work if you create a dog safe area in a portion of your garage where he wouldn't have access to the exits or garbage containers. I'm envisioning something like the kennels you'd find in shelters or boarding facilities: floor to ceiling fencing with a secure gate.

    Good luck and please share a picture of your pup.

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