Predatory Aggression vs Dog Aggression vs Human Aggression
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Thread: Predatory Aggression vs Dog Aggression vs Human Aggression

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    Predatory Aggression vs Dog Aggression vs Human Aggression

    Does anyone have any good list of behaviors to look for to tell the difference?

    I have been trying to read up a good deal about Predatory "aggression" but can't find too much information.

    How do you tell whether a dog is "dog aggressive" to other dogs or "predatory aggressive"?

    Would a dog who stalks, makes a beeline towards other dogs, and acts like they are going to grab and shake be labeled "predatory aggressive" or "dog aggressive"?

    I feel like the major problem dogs I've encountered in my work have been pit bulls who really are more "predatory aggressive" than actually dog or human aggressive. When they have "attacked" they do no growling and no warning of aggressive behavior to come, which sounds consistent with predatory drift as its a natural and instinctive desire to kill to eat, and not anger or aggression.

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    Re: Predatory Aggression vs Dog Aggression vs Human Aggression

    Pit bull terriers are a type of terrier, so they definitely experience prey drive (predatory aggression), and prey drive can definitely be triggered by other dogs, especially smaller dogs or dogs that are overly dramatic and make lots of high pitched noises. Although the size thing isn't really a hard and fast rule... there was a JRT at the shelter for a while who's prey drive was triggered by dogs twice its size.

    I don't have much experience with outright dog aggression, but from what limited experiences I have had... I find it way scarier than prey drive. Maybe my lack of experience, or it may be because I'm anthropomorphising the intent to murder onto the dogs.
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