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    Hey another question for the board. Ronin really likes to explore new areas and even old ones that he see's everyday. Like if i bring him to the park and try to let him walk next to me without a leash, he'll walk alright until he see's something new, like bird poop. He'll try to eat it and i'll say no, sometimes he'll do a quick bite and swallow (kinda gross), and to come here. He'll come to me but then he'll literally start running circles around me even as i'm walking foward. Ok here's the questions how do i get him to stop trying to explore random things, or does he just grow out of it? And does that running in circles thing mean he's trying to question my pack leader status?

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    I don't think he's questioning your status. I think he's just displaying normal puppy behavior, running in circles because he's restricted yet attempting to burn his excess energy.

    For the exploring things, you could teach him "leave it" and "drop it". "Drop it" can be used if he already has something in his mouth, incase he grabs something before you have a chance to say "leave it.
    As he grows he may be less inclined to explore every little thing, depending on his breed, but I don't think he'll completely grow out of exploring. I walked a Beagle this weekend and I swear, that dog did not lift his nose off the ground from the time we started off through the time we returned. LOL.

    Some trainers have suggested teaching separate cues for walks. "Lets go" can be used for exploring and loose leash walking and "Heel" can be used when you want him to walk at your side without exploring.

    I haven't taught Natalie "heel", at least not yet. I use 2 separate leashes, rather than separate cues, depending on which type of walk I will be taking her on. Retractable leash for running and exploring and 6 ft nylon lead for loose leash walking close to me.
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    Couldn't have said it any better than Opokki.

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