What is the sign of a good puppy training class??
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Thread: What is the sign of a good puppy training class??

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    What is the sign of a good puppy training class??

    Hey all. My girlfriend and I recently adopted a 12 week old Bluetick Beagle who is now 14 weeks old. For my gf's birthday I went ahead and bought the puppy a training course conducted at PetsMart. It was only $100 for 8 weeks and it fit my budget.

    My question is this- I realize the class depends entirely on the trainer on hand. What should I expect at the first class, 2nd class, etc? What are the signs that a trainer knows what they're doing and the dog will get something out of it?

    I'd like to tell my gf to look for these things and let me know if the trainer is good or subpar, and if they are I am going to ask for a pro-rated refund after the 1st class and seek another training class (even if it's a little more expensive).

    Also, just a note: For 14 weeks this pup is pretty amazing. She never barks, doesn't chew the furniture, doesn't cry alot. She rarely has any accidents, sleeps 7-8 hours straight at night, and can do some basic commands. The things she needs to work on are staying off people on the couch, not pulling when being walked, staying put when sitting, and being more focused in social settings.


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    Re: What is the sign of a good puppy training class??

    Petsmart follows a basic curriculum that covers all the usual puppy things. They teach you, not the dog...you're the one that has to do the day-to-day training, take him out for socialization, practice loose leash walking, etc.
    Some places other than Petsmart have high quality puppy classes that go beyond the basics of nutrition, grooming and basic commands. Things like attention training and confidence building exercises using small agility equipment, different floor textures, etc.
    I guess it depends on what you want to get out of the class. I'm not sure if Petsmart's 1st class is a no dogs night...most of the others are. The 1st night is usually a discussion of the class objectives, your expectations, question/answer, proper collars/leashes, how to introduce the puppies on leash when they come on the 2nd class night, rules, regs, etc.

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    Re: What is the sign of a good puppy training class??

    I took my puppy to the humane society's training class. The first class went over what they planned to do. I based what the trainer said to the group and to my questions before I paid for the class.

    I have never used a petsmart training class, never will as it takes almost an hour to get there, but I have been to the store and you can see the class thru the window. I would have asked to watch a class before signing up to see how good the trainer is.

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