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    Red face Blind Yorkie

    Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I am trainer and I have a problem that hopefully someone can give me advise on.

    I have a lady that has a blind yorkie and just can't get her potty trained. She's tried everything! Attractant, puppy pads, taking her outside.......everything.

    Is there anything that I can suggest her try?

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    Re: Blind Yorkie

    I suspect that she has been too lenient about the mistakes in the house and never really taught her that it was wrong. That's probably the 'big mistake'.
    The 2nd part of the training is the route to the bathroom. Even though the dog is blind she still 'sees' and learns in the form of pictures. Think of the route to the potty area as flash cards (images that a dog will remember), for example my dogs 'flash cards' for the route to the bathroom are; Ceramic tile floor, Door, One step, Another door, two steps/outside/Blue sky. When my guys make a mistake in the house (extemely rare) it
    always fits the last 'flash card'. For example my female will always go near the patio door (where she see's the backyard)...while my male will always go down the basement steps (last flash card two steps..Hmmm should be outside). They always try to match the last picture.
    Instead of trying to change the flash cards with texture changes or sound cues you might want to teach ringing a bell for potty time.

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