Major Training Dog Issue. Commands, Potty Training, Etc. Everything!
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Thread: Major Training Dog Issue. Commands, Potty Training, Etc. Everything!

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    Major Training Dog Issue. Commands, Potty Training, Etc. Everything!

    It all started about 4 months ago when I begged my parents to buy me a dog. They said i could only i was willing to do all the work. And i PROMISED them i'd do all the work. that night when we purchased my dog (which is a mix between a chihuahua and a weiner dog.) i started to regret it because he kept whining, but then afterwards he got used to the place and i was happy i didn't try to sell him. But the thing is my dad lives in Hong Kong and he visits my family during summer and winter break and during those time we'd always go out and the dog would be left alone ( we'd bring my dad to places for him to visit and we'd be gone for most of the whole day roughly from 12:00pm to 9:00pm) at first we tried indoor potty training which seemed to fail for whenever the dog pooped in a certain area he wouldn't urinate there again until we pick the poop up ( during the time when he poos we're still out) so when we don't pick up the poop he eliminates someplace else like on the cement floor. But afterwards when my dad left and i was starting school again, i tried outdoor potty training which was looking great except i had no control to wake up and bring my dog out and when i woke up i'd be late for school. ( i couldn't ask my family members because my parents wouldn't let me because i PROMISED them) but i often do manage to get my dog out to urinate. During noon my brother would take my dog out (he's in university) and after school i'd take him out and before i go to bed. Training him with sits, come, etc. has not been very progressing because im having a bit of trouble in middle school myself and rarely have time for myself. And since it's the winter break my dad has come to visit again for a couple of weeks again and the dog is still not properly trained. The whole family's going to be out again leaving my dog alone. I really don't want to go back to indoor training because i live in an apartment and the odour is horrible when the dog poops. My dog is currently 6 months old and i'm willing to wake up at 8:00am and try to bring him out right before i leave the house, im also willing to bring him out first thing when my family comes back from wherever we are but i need advice on what to do, what my schedule should look like, and around what time to train my dog, how to train my dog (sits,come,his name, etc.),my brother's not willing to help much. and apparently my brother said that our dog is as useless as a homeless dog.Whenever i have time to train my dog i use a positive attitude. I usually do have time to play with him but always a bit lazy to train him. I haven't abused my dog in ANY way.I'm willing to make a change but i really need advice. Any advices anyone?

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    Re: Major Training Dog Issue. Commands, Potty Training, Etc. Everything!

    You have several issues and the best thing you can do with less frustration for your and much easier on your dog, is enroll in an obedience class. They are usually 1 hour a week and cost less than $8 a session. The YMCA, city, schools and 4H also might offer lessons on occasion for little or no cost.

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    Re: Major Training Dog Issue. Commands, Potty Training, Etc. Everything!

    You made a decision that you wanted a dog, now you have one. This is a permanent thing, so you really need to dig in and get used to what the dog needs, not what you want to give it.

    If the dog needs to go out at 2 in the morning to pee, it's your responsibility to get up and do it, complaining about it and not doing it is not acceptable. The dog has to pee.

    I suggest you Google dog behavior issues (such as house training) and see what you come up with. You will find tons of information that will really help you.

    You also need to contact your vet and rescue league where the dog came from for advice. Explain what is going on, and ask for advice.

    Take notes of what is being said so you can refer to them. You have lots to learn about how dogs operate. Ask tons of questions.

    Dogs are creatures of habit, they depend on a schedule for walking, eating, peeing, pooping sleeping and playing. Lots of people don't understand why their dog situation is not working out, and this is the major reason why. Dogs are not like cats, you can leave cats alone for the day and they will be o.k.

    It is your responsibility to take charge and see to it that the dogs needs are being met in every way. You need to be sure you are successful with this.
    Your parents gave you what you wanted, and now you have it. I'm sure you are aware that they are watching you to see how you are responding to what is going on.


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    Re: Major Training Dog Issue. Commands, Potty Training, Etc. Everything!

    In my opinion, the first thing you need to do is get a little bit of help from your parents. I know you promised them - but try to be mature, apologise and enlist some assistance. The reason I say this is that it's almost impossible for a teenager to raise a puppy singlehandedly. You can still do the majority of the work - grooming, training, walking - but your family needs to help a little. Firstly, puppies need to be taken out, or to their potty place, about once every two hours. Someone has to do this while you're in school. Consistency is key to potty-training. Secondly, puppies should be fed twice a day. Someone has to do this while you're in school as well.

    Secondly, I also think you should enroll in an obedience class. You said that you sometimes feel too lazy to train your dog - having a class at a set time and day will help you feel more disciplined to go.

    Thirdly - learn about crate-training. This will speed up the housebreaking process and it will also solve the problem of your puppy wreaking havoc when he has to be left alone.
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