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    Smile Chewing Furniture

    HELP!!!!!! My beautiful Weimier has destroyed my furniture. He is 16 months old. I did try to crate him but he got out. He goes to doggy day care 3 times a week. It's the days he doesn't go when he chews on my furniture. Any suggestions?


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    Exercise (lots of it) Good for you and him.
    Hiking, beaches, swimming, fetch , walking, walking + bagged weight.

    They have powders, creams ect that are very bad tasting to dogs.

    Motion sensors (they have alarms that go if they sense vibrations) if its a couch or something.

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    I concure...get him really tired before you leave for the day. You can also try feeding him through stuffed kongs. Tha should keep him busy enough to settle in until you return. It's worth a try. Good luck!

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    Exercise, exercise, exercise!

    Than, some more! LOL

    BUT, that's not a guarentee. So section him off if he's a houdini. Perhaps a bedroom, den... A room that you puppy proof.

    My little guy, used to be destructive as well. For months and months he had to be crated if I left for 10 minutes or an hour. Every few months, I'd leave him out for a bit, give him a chance, until one time, I came home and there was no pile of toilet paper, or shredded paper!

    You teach them it's a priviledge to roam free.

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    I agree with the exercise and so on but sometimes when you are trying to get ready for work each day you do not have time for a lot of exercise. I would agree with the last post, try giving him a section of his own that he can't escape from, plan it and make it doggy proof, leave toys etc, get in a good supply and change two or three every day so he is not bored with them. Some sprays etc will work to stop dogs from chewing furniture etc but the effects can wear off in a few hours too,and away we go again. IF you honestly make a great effort in all these things and it is still not solved, JUST THIS ONCE, if you know my posts about the abuse of crates, and because he is a young Weimaraner, I would say, then if it comes to having to give him up, you could then AS A LAST RESORT, buy an extra large, WIRE crate for him, leave t.v. on, still change toys often, a window to look out on is good too, and see if that at least will save your furniture... And I do mean a very large crate, it will be expensive but he will have it the rest of his life, weimaraners can be extremely needy and busy dogs, easily bored and although he well may grow out of this, he also may not... talk to W. breeders for any of their hints too... before even buying the crate...get advice from people who know this breed, they know the mindset of them best of all, and they are a different sort of dog than many people realize they are...

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