Do her "business" without owner in yard
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Thread: Do her "business" without owner in yard

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    Question Do her "business" without owner in yard

    I just adopted a rescued 3-5 yr old minature poodle one week ago . She had been found in a home with 20 other dogs. Her "foster mom" had her from May 06 and had housebroken her by always going out into the yard with her. She has totally attached herself to me now and is my shadow. I have taught her to go in and out of a doggy door and only let her into my fenced in yard and back into the house that way. She will not go outside without me. If I put her through the doggy door, she will come to the "human" door and wait for me. If I don't come outside, she will return to the inside of the house through the doggy door without going to the bathroom! Help!!! How do I get her to realize she can go into the yard by herself anytime she needs to go to the bathroom?

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    It may just take a bit of time. She has had a lot of changes of rules, etc, and is perhaps feeling insecure. Bear with her for a bit, its worth the time you spend just now while she is so new and having to adjust. Remember to keep a sense of humour, at least she is doing her business outside for you, bless her little heart. Poodles are extremely bright... she will get it in time, and if not, is it so bad to just stay there for the short bit of time you have to, while she goes? My dogs all knew the command, " go pee " ( and I swear some would try to go even though they didn't have to ) so why not start saying that even now, then praise her like crazy when she does so, even if she doesn't really make the connection yet, it can be a very efficient thing that a dog goes immediately when you take her out. She may be able to soon go, if you just stand behind the glass storm door if you have one...

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    Thanks, thats what I'm doing now. If she never gets it, I can live with that. Maybe when she gets more confortable with us and the fenced in yard.

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