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    I just inherited a one year old beagle pup from my brother in law the dog has never been worked with and it scared of anybody although... she is starting to warm up to me and my husband and loves my 2 year old son... ok ok here is my problem I have never trained a dog and she is not housetrained and definatly needs to be... also i was wandering what products would be a good idea for her like toys and such... I fell in love with this dog and I would like to make her as happy as i can be i think she has had a rough 1st year I want to help her out.... so can anybody give me some good advice... thank you
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    Use puppy pads and crate training for the housetraining. The crate training will be very hard at this age so make sure you do it very slowly increasing the time you make the dog stay in the crate and give him a bone that they only get when they are in the crate. Some good toys for the dog really depend on the dog. Give him some kongs stuffed with treats, peanut butter (frozen if you want it to last longer), sueaky toys, whatever really. Even a treat dispenser keeps them very entertained.

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    GSD lover is on point here (as usual) irisheyes. If you buy a crate, make sure it's the type that comes apart in the middle so you can leave the bottom like a typical dog bed. Then after she gets use to that, reassemble the crate, keep the door open, and toss a bone in like GSD lover said. Don't close the door until she get's use to've got to build up like GSD lover said. To speed things along, put the crate in your bedroom so she can sleep near you at night, and feed her in the crate. Some other tips...don't scold her if she has an accident in the house, you want to earn her respect, but do praise her lavishly when she does her business outside. She shouldn't have to go as frequently as a pup, so the hourly eliminating outside isn't necessary...probably 4 times is enough. But if you're worried about accidents, tether her to you so she can't roam freely around the house. In general, if you want to make your pup happy, give her plenty of exercise, and teach her the rules of the house. Then give her what a beagle really wants, a good old time sniffing. Have you son hide a dog toy around the house or at the park, and ask your beagle to find it. They'll both love it. As for toys, I like twist n' treats and buster cubes in addition to kongs. Have fun!

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