Crate Training & Clicker Training
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Thread: Crate Training & Clicker Training

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    Crate Training & Clicker Training

    I want to crate train my three Siberian Husky puppies, do you have any pointers on how I can do this?

    I have never actually crate trained a dog before, my three adults were completely crate trained, and house trained when I adopted them at 7 and 12 months old.

    I have multiple crates, but at the moment I am putting the puppies together in one (the crate is huge and can fit two, maybe three of my adult Huskies in it comfortably), two of the puppies will tolerate being in the crate, but one of them howls over, and over until he falls asleep.

    Also, does Clicker Training work? If so, what are some good methods to go about in training all of them with a Clicker? (I will be training them separately, so there's no confusion.)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Crate Training & Clicker Training

    Here's a link to an article about crate training. After you read it, if you have any questions please post them. I'm basically too constricted on time right now to post how it can be done.

    Clicker training is a great thing when you do it correctly, and I highly recommend it. It's nice because once you start getting the desired command every time you ask for it you can start to fade the clicker out. I'm also posting some links to some sites that have great info on clicker training.

    Good luck with your two pups, post some pics and keep us updated how their training is going.
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    Re: Crate Training & Clicker Training

    I would suggesst putting them in two different crates the right size for them to help keep them from eliminating in the crate which could turn into some serious problems if they get used to laying in elimination

    Clicker training works really when when done correctly. Karen Pryor's book is probably one of the best I've looked at.

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    Re: Crate Training & Clicker Training

    I actually let my baby puppies sleep with me, and concentrate on crate training during the day when I can give my full attention to making it a fun experience.

    I know not everyone can do this, but I like it because it lets us get to know each other and the puppy can easily get my attention to ask to go out.

    It would be awkward with two puppies, however! I second the advice about getting smaller crates and seperating them. Maybe put the howler next to the head of your bed. Those little saucers you can put in the microwave to make a little warm spot help, too. Huskies are very pack oriented - it must feel like the world's coming to an end to have to leave the litter, for them!

    Good luck!

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