What is the problem rescue organizations ?
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Thread: What is the problem rescue organizations ?

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    Re: What is the problem rescue organizations ?

    A lot of shelters are very hesitant to give someone an adult dog. Adult dogs can potentially be dangerous if given to the wrong people. If dogs in the shelter have a known issue, Iíve seen the shelter workers make reasons as to why someone canít have them, and then hide the truth. That said, most shelters do have a criteria you have to meet. Some shelters wonít give people dogs if they will live in apartments, some shelters wonít give people dogs if they smoke (which I totally agree with). I have attempted, and successfully bought dogs, and even small rodents, from my local shelter. My shelter tends to prefer people who have an owned house and yard, and experience with the animal beforehand. Honestly, Iím not against telling a white lie to the shelter if they are a little too uptight with rules. A lab mix will most likely be a handful, and will need a lot of attention if 4 years old or younger. Iím also sort of against leaving dogs alone too, as they are some of the most social animals on the planet, but hey, a good home is FAR better than a shelter life. If you have a good house/apartment, can take your dog on daily walks, donít smoke, and know in your heart you can care for this dog, I would bend the truth a bit. No one knows everything, and sometimes people are over-sensitive about things they care about.
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