My handsome little Tyke
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    My handsome little Tyke

    I've posted a few questions here but I don't think I've shared any pictures!! I'd like to formally introduce my heartthrob collie boy Tyke. He is super outgoing and LOVES to meet new people (even if they don't want to meet him haha!) He is the top of his puppy class and is often pulled forward as an example when learning commands because he picks everything up perfectly.

    Well...almost everything. For some reason 'watch me' is his massive weakness. He just can't figure that one out! Oh well, we'll get there.

    My handsome little Tyke-tyketie.jpg

    My handsome little Tyke-tykekloe.jpg
    Here he is with one of his best friends, Kloe the Shih Tzu. Up until quite recently he could slip through the fence between our yards...she'd come over and take him back home with her to play.

    My handsome little Tyke-tykesleeping.jpg
    And this is how he sleeps. Grace embodied in a dog.
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    Re: My handsome little Tyke

    Here is a photograph of my little beagle.

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