Bladder Infection\ Bladder Stones HELP!
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Thread: Bladder Infection\ Bladder Stones HELP!

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    Unhappy Bladder Infection\ Bladder Stones HELP!

    I'm new here... so thanks for any replies.

    My dog, Vikki [Toy Poodle- Chihuahua- Terrior Mix] 4 Years, started to show blood in her urine sometime around 9PM tonight. She was perfectly normal all day today.. She continues to behave normally except with wanting more attention than usual. She is now peeing frequently with continuing blood in her urine but is not whining or showing any strong signs of pain. About an hour ago when I went to check on her and clean up her little spots I saw something odd. One of her spots had two very small stones. A few minutes ago I found another stone but it was even smaller.. Hardly visible unless you were REALLY checking.

    My question is this..
    Can my dog wait until Monday to see the vet? We have an emergency clinic but it is 90 dollars for the vet to just SEE her plus what ever else they decide to do. I don't have that type of money at the moment and just want to be reassured that she will be okay. I will be calling her normal vet tomorrow morning but won't be able to come in until Monday.

    I currently have two cap fulls of cranberry juice in her water bowl and some hard food with this water in it. I looked online and found out that soft food is good to start her to urinate more often, so I bought some of this. I also have her on vitamin C for her immune system and got her taking 125mg of this. I also gave her about two 'human' sips of pure cranberry juice to help her with any chance of a Bladder Infection.

    Please let me know your comments and if you have experienced this before please lend me your story or any advice on what I can do...

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    Re: Bladder Infection\ Bladder Stones HELP!

    Take her temperature to check for possible infection. If it is normal (around 38.5 C) my guess would be that you may be better off saving the money for whatever treatment your vet will decide. Keep her by your side until then and be ready to rush to the emergency clinic if ever things take a turn for the worse. But it is good that she is evacuating the stones and not in pain. Let her drink as much as she wants, at all times, and you could also consider adding a little milk to her water bowl to encourage her to drink more.

    The change of diet + milk might cause diarrhoea, in particular if she is not used to milk and you decide to give her some. If it happens do not be alarmed, it will be caused by the change of diet and the milk and it is not life-threatening.


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