Mystery allergen?
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Thread: Mystery allergen?

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    Mystery allergen?

    Nanuq has had allergy issues for quite some time. I have taken her to two different vets for her constant foot chewing. They both thought it was a food allergy. I have questioned that all along. She has another appointment next week for a full blood work up etc. I so want to get to the bottom of this thing and get her better.

    Last week I kept my friends dog for her for a few days while she was in the hospital. Now he is licking and chewing his feet. I made sure to feed both dogs separately. Nanuq eats kibble, the other dog eats raw diet. Neither had access to the other's food. I have steam cleaned my carpets 4 times. Twice with white vinegar and twice with plain water in case Nanuq was allergic to any cleaner residue in the carpet.

    I am now questioning the food allergy even more since the other dog now has the same symptoms. It isn't mites or fleas. It must be something in my house. It is a rental so who knows what might be in here. If it were my house I would rip out all the carpet etc. and start over.

    I do have two parakeets but they are kept upstairs and Neither dog was around them. They are still in the environment though. Are dogs typically allergic to birds?

    The other dogs owner gave me a copy of his allergy testing results so that I could avoid anything that he is allergic to while he was here. I went back over it this morning and nothing stood out. He is allergic to grass but we live in the mountains and haven't seen grass for a long time. Nothing but snow on the ground until about June.

    I will definately mention the other dogs issues when I take Nanuq to the vet next week. Both dogs have the same vet by the way.

    Any ideas what it could be. I must be overlooking something.

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    Re: Mystery allergen?

    Well, this all depends...

    When is the irritation/itching/biting worse? Certain times of the year? I know that this board is usually very quick to pull out the food allergies card, but, atopy (atopic dermatitis) is more common than food allergies in the world of hypersensitivities. They will present with IDENTICAL clinical signs.

    If you're convinced it's food, than you can try a novel protein (duck, lamb, platypus, giraffe, whatever else they make) and stick with ONLY that for 6-8 weeks to see if everything resolves. Or...

    If that doesn't work, than it is most likely atopy (which, agian, is more common anyway). It's also worth mentioning that a lot of dogs with atopy also have concurrent food allergies as well (sucks, I know). So, honestly, it may be worth seeing a dermatologist. They can do the intradermal allergy testing for you and tell you exactly what your dog is allergic to (also, I've been told by more than one dermatologist that the serum allergy testing is pretty much garbage).

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