How dogs help in anxiety and depression?
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Thread: How dogs help in anxiety and depression?

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    How dogs help in anxiety and depression?

    I have been a patient to anxiety for about 2 years now. Its been a long journey for me and my family. I got a terrier about 3 months back. And it was like life took a new turn. From a place where I had isolated myself to now being able to meet new people and be much more calmer and relaxed than before, it's been a hell of a ride. In just 3 months. Never knew a dog could be the medicine I needed. So, yes dog does help in treatment of anxiety and depression.

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    Re: How dogs help in anxiety and depression?

    So very happy yall make a good team and your on to the next chapter in your life !

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    Re: How dogs help in anxiety and depression?

    My mom suffers from depression and anxiety as well. Her little malti/poo is a great comfort for her as well. So glad your new dog has helped you.

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    Re: How dogs help in anxiety and depression?

    I'm so glad your dog is doing what dogs do. Humans will never be able to come up with a pill to replace pooches.

    Laurel is my first dog in almost 40 years so I totally understand. Just in case your landlord doesn't:
    Laurel the Wonder Dog born on or about 9/1/18: micro-mutt, li'l yaller dawg, or "All-American".
    Dark Skies O' The Mountains, C.D., Shetland Sheepdog, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on or about 1986ish

    They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but diamonds are cold, hard, dead things and doggies have floppy ears and little pink tongues and waggy tails and they actually give a %&^(& when you're crying.

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    That is wonderful, very happy for you

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