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    Head Tremors

    My 6 year old lab mix, Lucy, had a head tremor tonight. It lasted under 2 minutes and she was responsive, she looked at me when I called her name and she happily got up and walked to my brother in law when he knelt down to see if she was okay. The tremor only happened when she was laying down, as soon as she got up was when it stopped. I called the vet and she said it probably isn't anything to worry about considering Lucy was responsive, didn't seem to be in any pain and it didn't last very long but to keep an eye on her and if anything else strange happens then to call them back. We are supposed to be going out of town Saturday and Lucy is going to be staying with her trainer while we are gone but I am feeling nervous about leaving her now. I know her trainer will take good care of her and keep an eye on her but I can be a overprotected pet parent sometimes and today is the 1 year anniversary of our other dogs death which has the kids freaked out that something is going to happen to Lucy now too. Has anyone else dealt with head tremors in dogs before? If so, how did you handle it?

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    Re: Head Tremors

    A co-worker's dog gets idiopathic head tremors sometimes. With him it's more of a bobbing/lolling movement. They've taken him to the vet several times but with no real conclusion on what could be causing it or what to do about it. My co-worker seems to think it could be food related so they have him on a strict diet (kibble only, no treats, edible chews, etc.) and it has seemed to help. He's a healthy and happy dog otherwise.
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