Daisy's Thyroid results
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Thread: Daisy's Thyroid results

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    Daisy's Thyroid results

    normal thyroid hormone levels are between 1.2 and 5.3. Daisy's read less than .3! I feel terrible I missed this, but she is older and the symptoms are so vague and come on so gradually I just didn't see it, I assumed they were from old age and the result of lost mobility due to her back surgery. The good news is that with thryoid medication, she should be doing much better, and I hope to start seeing some improvement in a week or so. This is why yearly checkups are so important. Doc saw it immediately. DOn't always assume aging, training or behavior is always the problem, medical things you might never consider can be causing problems you didn't know your dog had! If your dog starts doing things they havent before, or if you have a new dog that is mis-behaving, have it medically checked out. It just goes to show that even those of us that work with animals every day can miss things in our own pets.
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    I'm glad that you got her diagnosed and started treatment. She should feel much better soon!
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