misquito's & 4week old GSD pups.
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Thread: misquito's & 4week old GSD pups.

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    misquito's & 4week old GSD pups.

    Put down a deposit with a local well known dog trainer that also breeds 1/2 litters a year. From what I can see it's a tip top setup. The dogs are getting human contact, medical checks and getting socialized with different experiences.

    Today was the 2nd time we saw them(4weeks). All was well , clean living quarters, safe and secure. The pup kennel is located behind the owners training facility and on the edge of the woods. After they were fed we played a little with them and then rounded them up into their sleeping area. As we watched them we noticed misquito's buzzing around and landing on there bodies and faces.

    • How bad is this and is there anything I can do for these pups. Even if they aren't getting infected with germs the bites must lower there condition of living.
    • What can be done and how concerned should I be?
    • Anything I can buy that I can donate to the kennel?
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    As soon as you get your pup, get it to a vet and get it on heartworm preventative. Mosquitos carry heartworms.
    Unaltered dogs are at greater health risks, including some cancers. Please spay or neuter your pet!!

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    Cute pups!

    Mosquitos also carry West Nile Virus. You might ask the breeder if she has been doing any natural repellent to protect the pups. For example, if she's been feeding the mom garlic, then the pups would be getting that in their milk and they'd have the garlic in their system to keep the mosquitos from biting.

    Oh, and make you have the vet test for heartworms before beginning any preventative. If you start a preventative and the pup is already infected, it could have serious consequences.
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    At 6 weeks, even if they have been bitten by infected mosquitos, there has not been enough time for them to grow big enough to pose a threat by taking HW preventative. There are some studies out that treating very low + HW with HW preventative can be more effective, less costly and dangerous that traditional treatment. This is sort of controversial though. We do not HW test until the pup is 8 months old.
    Unaltered dogs are at greater health risks, including some cancers. Please spay or neuter your pet!!

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