Help! My dog will NOT stop whining!
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Thread: Help! My dog will NOT stop whining!

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    Unhappy Help! My dog will NOT stop whining!

    He seems to be too high strung ALL the time. No matter how much exercise and attention he gets he will still whine when there is any sort of increased activity around the house. When someone gets excited or speaks excitedly, or one of the other dogs gets excited or we give the other dogs attention he will begin to whine. When someone gets home, as soon as they pull up he starts whining immensely like he is just about to freaking lose his mind. Even if you begin to pet him while he is calm the moment you stop he will begin whining for more (which I usually refuse to give him attention until he stops whining for a few seconds.) We have 5 dogs all inside with access to a backyard, and 5 people who live in the house. He is a pitbull. We've tried everything we can possibly think of, and no matter how much I look this issue up we can't seem to find an answer to our unique problem of whining. It's not a health issue; it's obvious he only does it when there is increased activity. We don't know what to do and are losing our minds as he does this way too much every single day. We don't want to get rid of him because we love him and also because we do not want to pawn the problem off onto someone else. We are at our wits end here. We think it may be just due to the amount of stimulation in a house of 5 dogs and 5 humans but neither of us are completely sure. I will be able to answer any questions.
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    Re: Help! My dog will NOT stop whining!

    Try getting him a thundershirt. They have a money back guarantee if it doesn't work.
    Are you walking him briskly twice a day for about 45 min? If not, he's not getting enough exercise. Having a backyard is nice, but dogs won't really do much in them. Walking will help his attitude and fulfills the need to see different things/smell different smells. If he were getting enough exercise and stimulation, the whining would be greatly reduced.

    Can you play flyball with your dogs? Flirt pole? have you done any training, like teaching them to go to "their spot" and lay down?
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