Human vs. Dog Clippers?
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Thread: Human vs. Dog Clippers?

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    Re: Human vs. Dog Clippers?

    Quote Originally Posted by lester View Post
    According my experience, the Dog Clippers can do Human clippers things , but human clippers cant do dog clippers things.
    An Oster A5 clipper is an Oster A5 clipper, whether it's sold through a beauty/barber supply company or a pet supply company. There are certainly different grades/qualities of clippers, and you can't expect an inexpensive, light duty home use clipper (sold as either human or dog) to stand up to heavy duty daily use like an expensive, professional grade clipper (sold as either human or dog) can.

    Oster, Andis, and Wahl all make clippers ranging from light duty home use for under $50 to professional use clippers costing over $200.
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    Re: Human vs. Dog Clippers?

    Quote Originally Posted by FrostQ View Post
    What's the difference between human clippers and dog's? I can get a human clipper with multiple length blade guard for ~25 bucks but dog clippers are almost 100 bucks. Will human hair clippers work for dogs as well?
    I use this clipper for my golden retreiver. Its only 20 bucks.

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    Re: Human vs. Dog Clippers?

    My experience was quite different than most people that go with premium heavy duty clippers.

    I have tried a few different techniques with our standard 70 lb bernedoodle. I really think that your needs will vary quite a lot depending on the type of coat your dog has. Our dog has a very thick coat of fine soft fur. I used to use scissors for her, but now I have converted to clippers for most of the job, and just use scissors for her face, and a little bit of cleanup.

    My experience has been that an inexpensive set of human clippers (here: )

    does a great job.

    I use a snap-on plastic comb (5/8 inch). Most people will say that this clipper is too lightweight and that a plastic comb will not do a good job - it will fall off, or it will get caught, the clippers will bog down or overheat, etc. This has not been my experience. I found it works fine. As long as the fur is fairly clean and *very* well-brushed, it works great. I keep on top of it by grooming her every 2 or 3 weeks rather than waiting for it to be a big job. She lies on her side and I do one side, and then then I roll her over and do the other side.

    As a matter of fact, I borrowed a pretty expensive set of clippers this past weekend to compare. It was much heavier and more powerful than mine, and had less vibration. I did not like how heavy it was, but the low vibration was a nice thing I guess. It had a #4 blade on it - so it should have been pretty similar. Thing is, a blade is fairly fine, whereas a snap-on comb is widespread. Long story short is that I could not use that expensive set - it was terrible - it was like trying to run through her coat with a very fine toothed comb, whereas a snap-on comb on my clippers was more like running a wide-toothed brush through her fur - it glides through. I just run it through a few times - against the grain - and it provides a pretty even and nice cut.

    Maybe using the heavy clippers with a snap-on comb would be a little faster, but I am not going to bother.

    Again, I think it really depends on the type of coat you are dealing with.

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    Re: Human vs. Dog Clippers?

    As a dog groomer myself and i've been asked this question so many times. every dog has different type of fur. It depends on a breed. Some of them must be trimmed only with scissors while others can be clipped. Human clippers have weaker motor and blade is half as sharp as one for pets. U can use human clipper for doing sanitary grooming. Only to remove fur from paws, near eyes and so on... No human clipper will survive after trimming third of Cocker spaniels fur

    This post might be very interesting for those who want to know how exactly human and dog clippers differ.

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