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    Question Bath time

    How often should you bathe a Golden Retriever, I am currently bathing once or twice a month, is this too much?
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    Re: Bath time

    All depends.

    Id say no.
    But thats because I know how to properly bathe a dog and rinse well enough (you would be amazed at how many dont. espeaciallyw ith thick long haired dogs like yours). Good quality shampoos and conditioner make a world of a difference. Most people dont rinse dogs well enough either. If I were you (if you havnt already) Id invest in a zoom groom, its awsome for rinsing AND scrubbing shampoo in to a dogs coat.
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    Re: Bath time

    The key is in rinsing the shampoo out of the fur completely. Using a little bucket is not going to do this. Invest in a pet shower, this will allow you to rinse her all the way inclusing the belly and the legs. Also get a Bathing Matt to protect the tub and a shampoo mitt with "nubs" to massage the shampoo into the fur. Not only will it all feel like a massage for the dog, she will be cleaner too and therefor healthier.
    Frequency, if she's not rolling in the mud, your frequency is just fine.
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