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    I wasn't sure where to post this but if it's in the wrong place, I'm sure somebody will rectify it. For a while, the customer service at Chewy was incredible. However, people must have taken advantage of that and now, it's really started to go downhill. Now, if something is delivered damaged, it has to be received back at the warehouse, before it's replaced. On a couple of occasions recently, I've had to go out and spend money on the same items because I couldn't wait for the replacement delivery. I don't know what's happening at the warehouse because I keep receiving damaged items, that are unusable. The delivery time is longer now too. I used to receive orders in 2 days or less and now it takes significantly longer. Has anybody else had problems with them recently?

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    Re: is going downhill

    I’ve not had any problems. If anything, I get my orders even faster than before, frequently overnight now, unless something needs to come from a different warehouse. The last time I received anything damaged was a couple of months ago, and they sent me a replacement bag of bird food without me having to send back the torn one.
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    Re: is going downhill

    same here, no complaints for their customer service and wanting to without hesitation be right for the customer. I stock up during the winter months because my roads can be impossible to receive deliveries. I had 12 bags to return because I wasn't comfortable to take a chance with the Pea stuff. They did it without question, sent me labels for free shipping. I was told they would have to receive the food bags (boxes) before I received a refund. But when Fedx picked them up I received 1/2 refund and the other half once the boxes were received. More then reasonable from them. And you can see now they have a section for Pea free food. I see them as a company trying to provide good service and adjusting to the needs of their customers.

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    Re: is going downhill

    I have had outstanding customer service from Chewy. Orders are often here the very next day. The one time I accidentally ordered the wrong size leash they credited me the $25 and told me to donate the leash to a shelter.

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    Re: is going downhill

    I haven't had any recent issues, either. We actually just came back to Chewy after about a year of not using them and everything's been great.

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    Re: is going downhill

    I recently purchased some bully sticks and left a review just warning people that my large dog ate it in big chunks and got sick (just to let people know they are too small for power chewers). They gave me a refund just based on the review, without me asking, and they certainly didn't have to. I also usually receive my orders within 1-2 days and their prices are typically better than anything I can find locally.
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    Re: is going downhill is one of two business bright spots in my life! I look forward to speaking with them and it seems evident they really like what they're doing. (Sometimes I ask under the table if it's truly a good place to work, and they say yes!). I'm not one of the people to take advantage of their generous, no hassle return policy. And insisted on returning a case (24) of PF when my dog's diet changed. They produced an RMA and I felt good that because the case was absolutely unopened it could be used by another consumer. Am only 2 hrs. from the warehouse, so (absent of bad weather) I get my deliveries sometimes the next afternoon, always 24 hrs. And nothing has ever been damaged.

    I would give feedback to the company because I think that's the only way to fix things for the next consumer. It could be a warehouse issue in your region (compared to mine). And I'd also question why the deliveries take longer (maybe they had to shutdown a center in your region). Insist that because you're on your "last cup of PF" you really need that delivery, and maybe the Rep can expedite your order! I think they truly care, and I've been around customer services, sales, and retail for over a decade. You can tell the difference when it comes to a sloppy organization!!

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