changing from puppy to adult food ?
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Thread: changing from puppy to adult food ?

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    changing from puppy to adult food ?

    have a 10mo(Terrible Two's Stage) Standard male Poodle about 60lbs-trainer suggested we transition to adult dog food -is presently on Wellness Complete health grain free for puppy-he gets 4C/day-Trainer suggested Farmina GF Pumpkin dry kibble-never heard of the company but quite a few independent pet food stores sell it by us-Anybody use it or can give me info good or bad?
    Trish in NJ

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    Re: changing from puppy to adult food ?

    Farmina is high quality food from what I've seen. It was a food I almost went with before going with Fromm.

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    Re: changing from puppy to adult food ?

    Farmina is a fantastic food, the price is just too high for me, lol. I typically rotate foods, it's Annamaet right now (it was on sale at the local shop so I got 4 bags), before it was Nature Select and I might switch to NutriSource next.. Mostly to avoid nutrition deficiency long term. I avoid legumes and potatoes so I stick to grains though (I'm worried about the whole DCM thing

    4 cups a day seems like a lot for a 60 lb pup though! My 88lb 1.5yo eats that much.

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    Re: changing from puppy to adult food ?

    My last puppy was raised on adult food, so no need to switch her. The dog before that was switched to adult food sometime between six months and a year, I want to say.

    Four cups a day may or may not be "a lot". At 10 months my GSD was probably 40 pounds, and easily ate 4 to 6 cups of food a day, depending on what I was feeding. I really go more on what they look like than the amount on the package.

    Personally, I've gone back to Purina Pro Plan. A lot of people put it (and anything Purina) down, but I know a LOT of dogs who do well on it. Purina is also one of the few brands that still does AAFCO feeding trials, instead of just meeting formula requirements.
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    Re: changing from puppy to adult food ?

    Farmina is a fabulous company. Go to their website and read about them. I switched my puppy to Farmina Ancient grains lamb after she refused to eat her prior kibble. She absolutely loves the food. I bought it right off the Farmina website at their online store as my local pet shop only carries the grain free brands. Where are you in NJ Trish? I live in Bordentown Township.

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