Switching a Puppy food
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Thread: Switching a Puppy food

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    Switching a Puppy food

    My 6 month pom was fed what I think was a Royal Canine before I bought her. After doing tons of research and finding out what brands are easily accessible, I settled on Acana brand which seems to be pretty good for the most part. The problem is that the puppy just wont eat her new food. I tried the 20% new, 80% old trick but she just picks the old food and eats, or even if by mistake she picks the new ones, just throws it out! I have to say she is a VERY picky eater and loses interest in her food while eating, going away and seemingly forgetting to continue. I know she is not full since when I call her back she will continue eating.

    I really want to get her used to Acana since I have not heard good things about the Royale Canine, but I do not know how exactly. The old food I got from the breeder is running out and soon it will be gone. Should I just resort to sort of starving her until she gives in and eats the new food?

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    Re: Switching a Puppy food

    Some dogs are really picky. Try a different protein in Acana. For example, if it's fish you bought, try beef. If you're running low on the original food you will probably have to buy more so you have enough time to do a gradual switch once you find one she likes.
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