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    Australia shepard

    Hello everyone I have a 3 year old miniature Australian shepherd and I cannot find a food that he likes or is good for him. I was wondering if anyone out there who has an Australian Shepherd preferably miniature could recommend a good dog food. I tried so many different dry foods and he just doesn't like any of them.

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    Re: Australia shepard

    Recommending a food based on taste just does not work. Dogs are individuals just like humans, what is tasty to one dog may be awful to another. You could try soaking his kibble in warm low sodium chicken broth. This usually works on most dogs. For some, even just soaking it in warm water will do the trick as it brings out the smell of the food. Dogs tend to be attracted to strong smelling foods more than anything.

    My dogs love Farmina dog food and that stuff stinks. Most dogs I know will take it as treats and I think that is because of how strong it smells in comparison to the more bland cardboard smell of most dry foods. It might be worth a shot. If you email Farmina they will send out a free sample so you can see if your dog will eat it before committing to a bag. There are other decent foods out there but Farmina is the only one I have personally had 100% success with dogs eating. Others seem to be hit or miss with picky ones. Annamaet is another one that you can try samples for free first. Most companies will send some if you ask, which is a lot more convenient than constantly returning open bags of food.

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    Thank you I will look into those.

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    Re: Australia shepard

    My standard Aussie likes coconut oil on her dry dog food. Get it at Walmart. It looks like Crisco in the jar but just warm it up under hot water. It melts at about 75 deg F. Also stays liquid for quite awhile. If your dog doesnít like it you can use it where ever cooking oil is used. I use about 4 table spoons per feeding, mix it up a little. I also bribe her with an extreme value treat if she ears complete. She has ten minutes then I pick up the dish and put it away until she asks for it. Very seldom however.

    I get Proplan Savor turkey and venison for my Aussie. She has been on this for 4+ years. Itís fairly high cal as she only gets about a cup and a half a day once a day. She weighs 57-58 pounds solid muscle. We walk 3-9 miles a day and get out in the fields on a 60 foot leash.
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