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Thread: Sub-section for Dog Supplies/Toys/Gadgets & Regional Sub-sections

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    Lightbulb Sub-section for Dog Supplies/Toys/Gadgets & Regional Sub-sections

    Perhaps I have overlooked it, but is there a section for dog toys, supplies, or gadgets?

    There is so much out there for dogs and combing through reviews is difficult when you do not know whether to trust the people writing the reviews. I would love to discuss dog toys that other owners have had success with and ones that present dangers to dogs. Pictures can be uploaded showing the wear and tear on the toy as the dog plays with it and if the dog destroys it, pictures can also be posted so members know whether the toy could pose a choking hazard or be ingested.

    Grooming supplies and items can be included in this section. Members can discuss shampoos, topical solutions, brushes, etc. and give provide their unbiased review.

    Dog harnesses/leashes can also be included. There is a variety of top-selling dog harnesses. Coming through Amazon reviews does not always lead to the best choice and members can actively ask questions of other members who currently have the product.

    Dog bowls, water fountains, travel items, car harnesses and beyond - all could be included.

    I am not sure if this is with the features of this forum, but if a rating/review system could be activated to tally the average rating each member gives to the product. Moderators could delete any threads that were posted about an item that was previously posted.

    Providing an Amazon referral link to these items could also generate income for this website.

    Lastly - I think it would be a great idea to have sub-sections divided by region. This way members can discuss dog boarding facilities in the area, local dog trainers, dog rescue operations, dog parks, dog events, and even meet-ups. This could also generate regional sponsors for the forum who wish to advertise in these sub-sections.

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    Re: Sub-section for Dog Supplies/Toys/Gadgets & Regional Sub-sections

    I really like the idea of having subsections by region, even broad regions (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand).

    Snowball CGN NTD, American Eskimo Dog
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    Re: Sub-section for Dog Supplies/Toys/Gadgets & Regional Sub-sections

    I definitely second the idea for a dog gear sub-board, although I don't know if that would get tricky with sponsored products vs random products that may be discussed or recommended.

    But it would be really nice, and it sure is difficult to just Google Search pet items and find what you're looking for, or get accurate information about a product. You would not believe how many shops I went to looking for an ID tag for my new pup before I found one I liked...

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