Bella was my golden retriever, I had recieved her from my mother for my 16th birthday in 2008 and in 2011 she passed away due to cancer. We got Bella as a rescue and for a while she was afraid to eat, go to the bathroom, and even socialize with people and other animals. After living with us for just a couple months you seen a HUGE difference in her. Bella was my best friend. I loved her more than the world, more than anything. I looked forward to seeing her after school and did everything with her.

In February 2011 I got horrible news from my vet. Bella has a growing tumor that is leading into her brain. The vet wasn't able to do anything about it because surgery would be too risky so he told us to just let her live out whatever little bit of life she has left. In July 2011, Bella left this earth and went to Heaven.

Even now that it's been 4-5 years since her passing, I still cry over her, still think about her all the time. Even though now I have Marley, Bella will ALWAYS have that special place in my heart. A part of me will always be missing because when she died I let a little piece of myself go with her and I'll never get that empty space back. No dog (even though I'll love them greatly) will never, ever replace her. I feel like getting Marley is a precious gift from God and I love her dearly, I cried just the other day because in the car Marley laid across my lap just like Bella used to and I couldn't stop crying. I'll never forget her. Someday we'll meet again.

I love and miss you Bella, my sweet beautiful girl.

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