One of the hardest tasks of raising a new puppy is getting him to refrain from peeing in the house.

Many people opt to use crate training, which is arguably one of the most effective methods, but often struggle with getting their new dog used to his tiny bedroom. Here are a few tips for helping him adapt to confined quarters while he learns the rules of the house.

Start Slowly

Simply tossing your dog in a crate and expecting him to remain chill for hours on end isnít the best option for starting off on the right foot. Imagine moving into a new home and then someone locking you in a bedroom for hours with no way out and no reasoning for being stuck there. You wouldnít like it very much either. Help him adjust by putting him in the crate in small intervals. Allow your pup to walk into his crate on his own, lock him in, then walk away for a minute. When he isnít whining, let him back out. Repeat this, but slowly increase the amount of time you leave him in until he gets used to longer periods.

Slip Him Treats

During practice periods, make sure to do a drive by on your dogís crate and slip a treat through the cracks every so often. This will help him associate being in the crate with something positive and view his room as a magical treat factory where he gets rewarded for being a good boy. Of course, only slip him treats when heís behaving and not whining so as not to reinforce bad behavior.

Add His Favorite Toy

A lot of dogs tend to love to chew on everything in sight, but you might have noticed that your pup prefers one of his toys a little more than most. When itís time for some crate training or youíre ready to go to bed, ease the transition by putting his favorite stuffed animal or tough chew in with him overnight. Heíll be able to snuggle or keep himself occupied when he gets a little antsy about being alone. Just make sure itís not something that he could tear apart and choke on during the night.

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