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Thread: Stairs after spaying

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    Stairs after spaying

    Good Morning!
    So my puppy got spayed yesterday and the vet tech told us no stairs for at least a week. Last night we brought her home and picked her up to take her out, by the time we went to take her out before bed she would yelp if we even attempted to pick her up and the same thing this morning.
    We have 3 small steps off our patio to get out of the house, I'm afraid that we're hurting her picking her up, and she does move and buck around when we attempt to. I wouldn't mind if she just went to the bathroom on the patio but she won't go on the concrete. The last time I dealt with a dog being spayed was 11 years ago when my parents dog was spayed, and I don't recall picking her up at all.
    So my question is, after your dog was spayed did you allow it to walk up and down stairs, or did you carry her around?

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    Re: Stairs after spaying

    I don't think quietly walking up and down three steps should be any problem but that is just what I would do rather than pick her up. If she is really resisting being picked up, I would think it might hurt her more than just walking up and down. Jumping up on furniture, beds, etc. I think is worse for them.

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