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Thread: Establishing 501c3 for rescue...

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    Establishing 501c3 for rescue...

    Does anyone have any information on how to establish 501c3 status for a rescue organization? Myself and a few other wolfdog rescue folks in my area are interested in getting more serious about the rescue work. There's a real need for wolfdog rescue in this area, and it would help to be able to do fundraisers and have more legitimacy... not to mention being able to pull WDs from the pounds if they require 501c3 to pull them.

    Anyone have any good links? I know there are some websites/services that walk you through the process. Any information would be fantastic!
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    Re: Establishing 501c3 for rescue...

    All I have to offer is I looked at it a long time ago and cannot remember if it gives information about non profits, but I know it deals with a lot of legal documentation for personal and business, so I'd check it out.

    Good to hear you're trying to do this, I hope it all works out, and good luck!
    Btw, where are you located? Something make me think Ohio? Just wondering where it's in demand, if you don't want to answer, it's okay.

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    Re: Establishing 501c3 for rescue...

    The group that I volunteer with found a lawyer who would guide us through the 501c3 paperwork for free. Maybe you could find an animal loving attorney who would help your group out?

    Also, where I live, being a 501c3 doesn't give you the right to pull from a shelter. Instead, your group has to be registered with the state under the Animal Care Facilities Act. You are given a AFCA license each year, but you have to follow animal care guidelines and are subject to inspections. Here, as long as you have the AFCA license, you can pull from any shelter. Anyway, long story short, check what sort of licensing that you will need from your state outside of your 501c3.

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    Re: Establishing 501c3 for rescue...

    It may vary from state to state on a local level but I think Federal is teh same across the board. Here is some info I found inthe past looking for some one else asking the same question.

    This one from Cornell Law

    See if you can find something similar to this for your state in sted of New York

    Another good info article for anyone considering starting a non-profit from Yale Law

    That should get you started. It's a LOOOOONG process and they want a TON of detail such as sitting body, pres. VP, Sec. Etc. You have to present financial plans and account for every penny that goes thru your facility, I mean its nuts. My cocker rescue took almost 2 years to get their 501(c)3 approved.

    Good Luck... hope some of this helps

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    Re: Establishing 501c3 for rescue...

    I work with a rodent group that started as a "club" but now that we are getting more into rescue work we are getting our 501c. It is really confusing, but we found a lawyer who is doing it for a discounted price. I think the lawyer fees were only $200, but I am not sure what the actual cost is for the non profit. I know we had to become a LLC first, then become the 501c.

    As for pulling from shelters, here you just need the 501c, but we needed something that I think was called an animal handlers permit (no test or anything, just a fee) in order to stay registered with the city.

    I wish I had better information about it for you, but I was not the person who organized it, I was just around.

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