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Thread: How to train a dog to not bolt outside.

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    How to train a dog to not bolt outside.

    My almost 8 months old westie is very independent and very inquistive but she cannot be trusted off-leash outside at all. She has always been off-leash in our backyard as our fences have been reinforced and setup so she can't dig under them and have been also been raised up, there was a crappy sort of cement under the fences that she was actually able to slowly dig away at so we had to fix it all up.

    At parks she was okay off-leash when she was like 3-4 months old as she stayed near me. Since about 4.5-5months she cannot be off-leash as she just wanders off ignoring her surroudings, she is so comfortable with cars,people,trains,other animals, all sounds etc that nothing scares her. I accidently dropped her lead when I was switching from one hand to the other and she decided to play a game of chase around a train track. No matter what approach I take if she's off leash she is sprinting and she doesn't want to come near me, she doesn't even have to look at me I can slowly walk upto her as she's laying down facing the other way and she'll just get up and sprint away.

    She is mainly an outdoor dog, but she is inside sometimes, it's a bit scary having her inside because I have to make sure people coming inside or going out are being careful. Some people coming might not know about the dog and might open the door wide open and she just might sprint outside. Last night I was watching TV and my westie was about 10-15 meters from the front door, my brother went to answer the door and my westie slowly walked upto the front door without my brother noticing and almost went out. I had a go at him for not looking if she was there before opening the door wide open.

    My maltese doesn't do this, she is 5.5 years old , she wont go outside unless i get a lead and go out first, even then she wont go passed the front gate without someone in the family with her. She wont run and wont follow any strangers or random animals.

    I've read that a lot of westies in general (not all) cannot be trusted off-leash while on walks as they're extremely curious of everything around them and a lot of westies have pretty bad re-call when it comes to being outside.

    My westie will not listen off-leash outside , not for treats, not for anything. Only time she'll come to me when outside is if another dog gives her a scare.

    P.S Just so you know, my westie sniffs EVERYTHING, she is constantly sniffing the ground on walks, my maltese never does this.
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    Re: How to train a dog to not bolt outside.

    Most of the time what people do is train the dog to sit before going outside at the door, every time. But it's a minor preventive measure. There's nothing guaranteed.

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    Re: How to train a dog to not bolt outside.

    When someone comes to the door, my dog would go to the door and bark, and then try to bolt out when I opened the door.

    So I started getting a treat when she went to the door to bark instead of going straight to the door and standing back in the hall (away from the door) and making her come back from the door to me to get it before I would open the door.

    I would hold her by her collar and praise her, "Thank you for letting me know someone is at the door, you are a good little watchdog - now I (the pack leader) will take it from here)" ,and with control of the dog would go forward and open the door.

    Now whenever someone comes to the door she will bark a little and then come to me. We treat, then go to the door.

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    Re: How to train a dog to not bolt outside.

    Train Sit/stay all over the house also the Greeting Politely at the door sticky can be modified to be a 'waiting politely at the door' excercise. I'm having to do this with the Bulldog as well, he's very stubborn when it comes to the doorways and far harder to train than the Dobie or the Pug were.
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