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Thread: dog pees and poos in crate every night. Poops and pees all over the house allday long

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    dog pees and poos in crate every night. Poops and pees all over the house allday long


    About a month ago I bought a pure breed German Shepherd puppy from a breeder. This is a very well breed dog with blood-lines from Germany.

    When we got the dog he pooped and pee'd constantly in his cage. We figured it was because he was 7 weeks old and didn't know any better. A month later, he is still doing it.

    He pee's all over the crate at night and poops. I take him outside at least 6 times per day and he won't leave the porch. He stares at the door trying to go back in the house.

    I've taken him for LONG walks. He doesn't even smell the ground for other dogs pee. He doesnt pee on walks or poop.

    When he is inside the house, he sometimes pee's 4 or 5 times per hour. I know its not a UTI because he walks around the house doing it instead of leaving a puddle on the floor. It's dominance toward my other dog.

    Yesterday I gave him his first blanket. THe other dog got a blanket too. When the other dog tried to take his blanket away he humped his blanket, pee'd on it and then laid in it.

    Like I said, taking him outside and for walks doesn't work. I let him sleep outside the crate in a bathroom and that was the biggest mess. He stepped in pooped, jumped on every door and wall getting poop EVERYWHERE. It took hours to clean the walls.

    This is the most disgusting dog I've ever had. I agree'd to get the dog over letting my wife have a baby... I guess having a kid would of been cleaner.

    How can I get my dog to pee and poop outside and stop laying in it? German Shepherds are suppose to be one of the smartest breeds. If I wanted poop all over my house I would of got a pet monkey!

    I forgot to add that he doesn't let me hold him. Anytime I try to hold him he cries and panics and forces his way out of my arms. I was told he was afraid I was trying to dominate him. How can I get this to stop?
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    Re: dog pees and poos in crate every night. Poops and pees all over the house allday

    Ok, first of all forget the dominance nonsense. He's a puppy, a baby who does not yet know what he's supposed to do. Training a puppy takes time, patience and the realization that accidents will happen. If you are unwilling or unable at this point to deal with puppy behavior then please return the pup now to the breeder.

    If you are willing and able to deal with puppy behavior then first of all do take him to the vet to make sure there are no medical concerns contributing to this behavior. since he's so young you probably will have to take him for puppy shots anyway, so just ask the vet to check for other possible causes at the same time.

    At this age he should have absolutely NO unsupervised freedom. He's either in his crate or tethered to you except when you are having a play session. If you feed him in his crate he's less likely to use it as his toilet unless the crate is too large for him at this age. He should only be able to stand, lie down and turn around. If the crate is any larger block off the back portion. Since he's already had accidents you need to thoroughly clean all accident areas with an enzyme cleaner such as Nature's Miracle to destroy the odor at the molecular level.

    You also need to put everything on a schedule just as you would have for a baby. The only way to know when he needs to go is to schedule what goes in when. Puppies basically need to potty upon awakening, after eating, after drinking, after play, after exercise, etc. Take him out every two hours during the day and at least once during the night (set your alarm). Having a puppy is very similar to having a baby in many ways.

    He'll learn if you are patient and consistent. But if you can't deal with puppy behavior, and not everyone is suited to do so, please do both the pup and yourself a favor and return the pup to the breeder. You might be better off getting an adult dog instead of a puppy but there still would be training involved that requires patience.

    As far as the holding goes, he doesn't yet trust you and not all dogs like to be held. You have to earn his trust and teach him that you holding him is a good thing by associating it with good things such as yummy treats. and don't forget this is going to be a large dog that won't exactly be conducive to being held (IF by holding you mean picking him up in your arms).
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    Re: dog pees and poos in crate every night. Poops and pees all over the house allday

    Oh there are a LOT of issues here from what I can see... and some of them have nothing to do with the dog.

    First of all, house breaking a dog requires real labor and cosnsitancy. You need to make this your job for awhile to make it work.

    First of all, you have an 11 week old baby dog. He is in a new place and you don't sound as if you have made it real inviting because the dog does not house break and is "disgusting." I detect some anger here... and so you need to drop that.

    An 11 week old dog is not dominant over anything. He is a baby with little control over anything. He is not trying to control anyone or other dogs. He is a baby.

    At 11 weeks he is going to only be able to hold poop or pee for about 2 hours. This means you have to get him out at least that frequently and you need to go out with him. Not just put him outside.. where the world is a big scary place. Go out with him and be with him. when he poops or pees outside have a puppy party.. high squeaky silly happy voice and stuff treats in his mouth to let him know that this is a good place to eliminate.

    Next, you say he is walking around peeing.. and if he is walking and peeing in your presence it may be what is known as submissive peeing. IF that is the case, you cannot lean over him, you cannot yell or appear threatening in any way or he will lose control of his bladder. Sort of like a person who is scared and pees his pants. Remember, this is a BABY dog. He can be easily frightened.

    Here is what you need to do to house break this dog.

    1.) Feed on a schedule. Dog this age usually is fed 3X a day. As soon as he is done eating crate him for 15 minutes and then take him out. Go out with him. In the yard. Watch him. If he does not pee/poop in 15 minutes, bring him in andcrate him and repeat in 10 minutes. If he is peeing and pooping IN The crate you may have to tie him to you in the house.. and if he starts to go, interrupt (not harshly) and take him out to where you want him to go and praise ah he finishes up.

    2.) Every time he sleeps, when he wakes up he is going to have to pee and/or poop. Take him out. Every time he plays, and sometimes as he plays, he is going to need to go.. so take him out. If he pees or poops when you are outside at any time, praise with that silly happy voice AND FOOD.

    3.) Remember.. he has to go out thru the night. YOU have to get up every 2 hours and get him out and go out with him.. don't just stuff him out the door and watch. This is going to have to happen for a couple of weeks.. and then GRADUALLY start to increase the time between outings at night until it is 3 hours.. then 4 hours.. eventually getting to a full 8 hours when the dog is about 9 months old.

    4.) Never let him wander in the house alone. Be with him or have him gated in an area with puppy pads if you have to leave him more than 2 hours or crate him if it is under 2 hours.

    Play with your puppy. Pet your puppy. Get a toy and see if he will play tug of war with you.. engage him.

    Most dogs do not particularly care foir being hugged OR for being picked up. Remember, this dog may be 80 pounds when full grown so picking up is not something you want to start. Really you do not.

    Do not yell at your puppy or hit him. Ever. Either thing can lead to issues such as submissive peeing and fear of you. The last thing you want is a dog that is afraid of you.

    BTW the GSD is very smart. No idea the lines or kennel from which you purchased you dog but German Lines and Imported dogs does not guarantee a great dog. There are puppy mills both in the US and in Germany these days.

    Yes. The GSD, MY Breed, is not only smart but clean. However, any dog or any breed that is crated so long that he defecates or urinates in his crate will quickly become a dirty dog.

    I hope this is helpful.. As to the whole comment regarding getting a dog so you don't have a kid thing... there are ways to prevent siring children if you do not want to have any!
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    Re: dog pees and poos in crate every night. Poops and pees all over the house allday

    From where I sit, it is clear that you resent this puppy for doing what a normal puppy does, and that you have to wish or incentive to help the puppy by training it.

    You should return this puppy to the breeder immediately.

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